Research Interests

Research Topics

  • Fault-Tolerant HW/SW Architectures
  • Cross-layers System-on-Chip (SOC) Reliability Analysis face to different sources:
    • Manufacturing process variations
    • Soft errors provoked by Cosmic and Atmospheric Radiation
    • Aging induced Phenomena (NBTI, HCI, TDDB, etc.)
    • Environment: Temperature, voltage
  • Methods of Reliability Assessment of Secure Circuits
  • Test and Fault Tolerance of Network on Chips (NOCs) in 3D technology
  • FPGA test and robustness
  • On Line Testing of Advanced Digital Circuits and Architectures
  • Robustness of Nanometric Design and Nanotechnologies
  • Bio-Inspired Hardware Architectures Design and reliability evaluation

    • Neural and Bayesian Network Design and Reliability Evaluation

PhD Advisor

  • Currently (September 2017) full advisor of 4 PhD Students.
  • Previously (Dec. 2000-Nov 2017), direct advisor or co-advisor of 18 phD Students.

Scientific Projects

Scientific leader for TIMA for the following projects:

  • EU H2020 RISE MSCA: NANOxCOMP (2015-2018): scientific leader
  • EU ICT COST Action MEDIAN (2011-2015) – (workgroup leader, core member and member of Management Committee)
  • French National ANR Project Robust FPGA 2011-2015 : project member
  • EUREKA CATRENE OPTIMISE 2009-2014 (+  scientific coordination during 2009-2010)
  • EUREKA CATRENE 3DIM3 2009-2013  (+task leader)
  • EUREKA MEDEA+ Parachute 2004-2009
  • ANR/CNRS ACI VENUS, 2004-2007 (Project coordinator)
  • EU IST/FET FRACTURE Project 2001-2004